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Complete solution to provide customer support

Used to improve customer service, and drive product innovation

Main dashboard

On the main page of the community users will see most popular ideas, popular questions, relevant questions and most recent thanks. Also main page contains fields for searching and adding requests. It's can be completely customized by community administrator.

Navigation & Breadcrumbs

Help you to better navigate your community

Full text search

System will search for similar requests before user will be able to leave request. This will prevent your community from duplicates, and save your time, you will reply only to unique requests.

Brand logo

Can be customized

Activity block

User will see most relevan data here, like forum changes from since last visit. Links to it's requests.

Links block

Setup links to your website and important pages.

Social modules

You can add facebook, twitter, vkontakte, google+ modules to your dashboard.

Forums block

Create forums for your products. It's possible to have public and private forums.


Expand your community with categories. Be concentrated on targeted support!


Gain Loyalty

Gain trust of your customers, make all your work and support transparent and visible.

Constantly improving

You interact and engage your customers while we continuously improve UserEcho.

Gather Community

Easy management of customers feedback. Much more functionality and flexibility than just a forum.

Well-structured information

UserEcho - provides all the necessary tools to structure information, it is convenient and quick search, custom types of feedback, categories and tags.

Fanatic Customer Support

You are our most valuable asset and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help you resolve any issue.

Very easy to start

Having a simple registration process to get started, you must specify the emaill address and name of the project. You will receive a complete system of relationships with customers.

Less than the cost of customer support

You will notice that are spending significantly less time on customer support while winning as a service. The system will automatically help you to avoid duplicating requests.


Gain instant insight into your support community activities Comprehensive analysis of your community with detailed graphs of the activity during certain periods.


Feedback and comments flow history.

Community stats

Know your community champions.

Google Analytics

Enable external tracking codes like google analytics or yandex direct for detailed analytics for your community.



You can have access to all content available at your support forum through our API.

Feedback widget

Drive your customers to community, using our feedback tab.

Single sign-on

A simple way to authenticate users without additional registration at UserEcho, using accounts in your system.


More details here

Pivotal tracker

Import UserEcho topics into Pivotal.

Google analytics

Setup dedicated google analytics account to your support community.


Monitor your fan page feed directly from UserEcho interface. Turn messages into topics and reply back within UserEcho interface. More details.

UserEcho for Twitter

Monitor your twitter feed directly from UserEcho interface. Turn tweets into topics. More details.


Setup dedicated yandex account to your support community.

Composite C1

More details.


Monitor your fan page feed directly from UserEcho interface. Turn messages into topics and reply back within UserEcho interface.


Bi-directional full integration. More details.


Setup and maintain your brand’s unique feel

Customization options

Create a seamless user experience for your support portal.

  • Easy way to customize logo, color scheme to match your company branding without advanced technical knowledge.
  • Customize your community visual presentation and layout using our comprehensive set of modules.
  • Custom CSS support for advanced customization.
  • Multilingual feedback (setup dedicated topics and labels translations for each language)
  • Choose URL and email address for your support portal that matches your own domain. (
  • Choose voting modes on topics like (positive voting, both positive and negative voting, no voting)

Examples how customers use 'Custom CSS' feature

Mobile support

Optimised for the mobile web

UserEcho has a dedicated interface for a mobile devices. All functions is accesible and optimized for the touch interface.

Native library SDK for iOS

Smart way to collect and manage feedback for your iPhone and iPad applications. Learn more at

Loaded with features

Voting for topics

Your customers vote on their favorite feedback. The items that are most wanted and needed bubble to the top so you can focus your efforts where they are needed the most.

Merging topics

Possibility combines feedback. Allows you to delete the duplicates. And preserves the history of discussions on all copies.

Prevent duplicates

When a customer starts entering an idea, UserEcho automatically searches for existing feedback that could be a match. If there are any matches, the user is encouraged to vote for those instead of creating a new feedback.

Voting on comments

Allows you to select meaningful comments and hide useless.

Nested comments

Allow to achieve flexibility in the discussion of feedback. And make the discussion more understandable.

Topics tagging

Organize your feedback, mark it with tags.Setup personal categories for each product.


Create subcategories to categorize large amounts of topics.

Full text search

Find out requested information in seconds.

Ordering & Filtering

Which idea most popular, commented, oldest? Just use ordering to know.

Promote comments

Promote important comments for feedback and stick it at the top of the page.

Private discussions

Project administrators may conduct an inplace private discussion about feedback which visible only to them.

Official representatives

Official Reps can make official responses to feedback, which appear at the top of the page.