Dashboard customisation improvements, custom fields, categories monitoring, improved notification management, duplicate account merging and more


We've added a bunch of the new features this week. So now we very excited to introduce it to you.

Dashboard customisation settings has been optimized

Now all modules has screenshots and examples how it can be used.

Also we have started to prepare detailes explanations, how each module can be used. Soon it will be organised to the UserEcho's knowledge base section.

Custom fields

We've added ability to create custom fields for topics. Custom fields are typically used to gather more information from an user about the feedback. To setup custom fields click on the "Settings" then select required forum and select "Custom fields" tab. Next we planned to extend custom fields with following options: new fields types like checkbox and combos, editable only by staff option.

Added new mode to the topic list module

We've added new filter to the topic list. That's display all available topic statuses and counts of topics by current user.

It's can be enabled via topic list setup in customisation section.

Improved notification management

Now user can see all content on which it subscribed. It's possible to subscribe or unsubscribe on activity updates. Topic, Forum, Categories are subscriptable. It can be done from user's profile -> Notification management.

Ability to merge duplicate accounts yourself

Added ability to merge duplicate accounts for example you have one internal UserEcho account and second created with OpenID provider, it's possible to merge it to the one now. Available in the user's profile -> Common settings

UserEcho for the mobile 

A lot of the fixes and updates of the our new mobile version.

Sergey Stukov
Co-founder at UserEcho, Enterpreneur, Django/Python expert.