Scale your support with our easy-to-use multi-agent ticketing system

How It's Used

UserEcho - provides a convenient interface for support agents allowing complete control and allow to perform a support from one place.

Convenient and flexible filtering system used to display topics in the order you want.

List of features

Intelligent moderation

System automatically analyzes the activity of Community and marks topics that requires attention. This allows you to not disregard any of user actvity.

Canned responses

Stop wasting time writing the same replies again and again. Ensure quick consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.

Working with one window

All operations can be performed without leaving the browser window, no need to open new windows, it speeds up the processing of requests from users and makes the process more convenient.

Ticket Assignments

Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents.

Private comments

Collaborate behind the scenes with comments that only you and your team can see.

Insights about user

For each topic operators able to view extended information like type the user's browser, screen resolution, etc.

Ticket Statuses

Know where every ticket stands by marking it as Open, Pending or Closed.

File Attachments

Attach photos or documents by adding them right into the ticket.

Forwarding Emails

Forward an email from your personal inbox into UserEcho to automatically create a ticket.

Updating Tickets Via Email

Respond to email notifications from your personal inbox, and UserEcho will update the ticket

Auto Replies

Let your customer know that you’ve received their email with automatic replies.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Get feedback on your support from your customers.

I have been using the agent functions on @userecho for the last 20 mins, so far it looks 2 be the platform that every business should be using.

Nicholas Griffin Nicholas Griffin