Community forum

Build a community forum around your brand by giving customers the platform to ask, suggest, engage and be involved.

Enable your customers to help each other by creating a forum for asking and answering questions, share ideas, and learn.

With our convenient voting system, you can also gather essential feedback on what your customers like and dislike. Learn who your customers are and what they need.

List of features

We always incorporate latest technologies and desired functionalities into our Forum.

Surveys and feedback

Invite users to vote for proposed ideas to get information on what your customers need right now. Reacting on and implementing the most popular ideas you will increase loyalty of your customers much faster. This will also help you to attract new customers and grow your community.

Easy authorization

Make it easy for customers to log in. They can link and use one of their social network accounts. In case you have your own user base, we can provide convenient mechanism of cross authorization. This eliminates lengthy and boring registration processes and makes it easy for you to get all the required information to provide quality customer service.

Automatic search for a suitable solutions

When users write queries, system automatically searches for existing verified answers in the knowledge base. In case of matches, solutions are displayed to users. This can significantly reduce the burden on support with elimination of repeating answers for the same type of questions.

Requests with sensitive information

If users would like to ask questions containing confidential information, they can do so in private mode through our powerful ticketing system.

Latest activities

In this forum section users will see latest information, how forum changed since their last visit and links to their customer reviews.

Organize your community

UserEcho provides all the necessary tools to organize and structure information. We provide options for convenient and quick search, to customize types of feedback and to create categories and tags.

Customer support and constant improvement

Our customers are our most valuable asset and we are ready to help you to solve your issues. UserEcho constantly works on new features to make your continuous improvement possible. Share your ideas and we will help you to implement those.

Reduce your cost of customer support

The system will automatically help you to avoid duplicating requests. Quantity of requests will decrease, hence your agents will be able to concentrate on more difficult questions and will spend less time on resolving them. This will improve the quality of your service.

Targeted feedback

User opinions matter! Create polls to get targeted feedback from users on the specific subject.

Mobile optimized

UserEcho web pages are optimized for touch screen interfaces and different types of screen sizes. You get all features of a modern support community, even on the go with your mobile devices.

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