Every customer deserves your attention. Live Chat helps you to be in the right place at the right time. Start a conversation and provide assistance to your visitors and let them be your loyal customers.

UserEcho enables live chat conversation with visitors on your website to attract them to your services. Impress your existing customers by offering your immediate help and increase their loyalty.

Chats for business help in marketing, sales and support

Start talking

Start talking

Chats help you quickly answer whether there is a product in stock and handle other issues important before buying.
Raise your sales

Raise your sales

Customers are 5X more likely to make a purchase when you reach out with a chat.
Less wait, more happy

Less wait, more happy

Chat and messaging let agents help more customers in less time, which means happier customers more of the time.


We always incorporate latest technologies and desired functionalities into our chat solution.

Chat transcripts

All chat history will be automatically saved in the searchable archive. There is an option to subscribe and receive chat history.

Multiple domains

Install our live chat on an unlimited number of domains to be there for your customers.

Redirect support

System enables you to redirect chat sessions to your team members. Use this functionality, when you need help from more experienced agents or on topics that are different from your scope.


Invitations to start chat appear automatically. This helps you to start communication with your customers and significantly increases the conversation rate on your website.

Multiple sessions

Support agent can communicate with multiple customers simultaneously.


We keep your data safe, we provide secure connection SLL (https://) 256 bit.

Useful analytics

Evaluate the performance of your support team. Browse and analyze conversation data to find ideas for your business.

Delayed response

If you need more time to resolve customer problems, you can convert chat sessions to helpdesk tickets to continue your work. Users will be notified automatically via email about resolution of issues.

Insights about users

System will show you details about your users before your chat sessions open. These are for example order number, webpage, navigation history, location and country. You can open helpful information and get prepared before you start your conversation.

Easy to install

We will guide you through the easy process to install our live chat. All our current customers who already set up the UserEcho widget, already use chat feature. Chat tab will auto appear if you open web (chat) admin interface or sign in into external IM client with provided credentials.

Smart widget

Widget supports feedback collection and live chat in one place. Chat tab will only appear, if at least one of your support agents is available online.

More than 27,000 companies are using UserEcho

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