New generation of community settings and moderation interface

By listening to our customers, we have decided to completely rework the administrative part (control center) of the community. The our main targets was - adding support for a mobile devices and more convenient navigation.

To improve navigation we split our settings interface for the two parts:

  1. Community settings (Settings). It's part included all common project settings: forum settings, categories, tags e.t.c. It's massive part but it rarely used usually when admin performs configuration after community creation.
  2. Agent workplace (Agent interface). This part included all functions needed in the everyday work: moderation interface, live-chat, community statistics. Therefore interface that used by operators in the everyday work was simplified.
Especially worth mentioning that now work with the administrative part UserEcho possible on a large range of devices and browsers, including mobile phones.

We have added new analytical report report that displays user satisfaction. This is the most important parameter that allows you to understand the overall mood of your customers and allow you to score the quality of your customer support team. More on this later write in our blog.

Also we perform many small improvements and upgrades, social network interface was optimised and completely switched to the real-time mode.

What next? The next big challenge in front of us - Update interface of the communities to the new level with higher usability.

Sincerely yours,
UserEcho team
Sergey Stukov
Co-founder at UserEcho, Enterpreneur, Django/Python expert.