UserEcho released a new improved version of knowledge base editor


UserEcho very proud to introduce a new knowledge base editor. It's designed with performance and simple to use interface in mind. So you be able flawlessly manage your knowledge base and enjoy the process.

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Let's see main page functionality

  1. Knowledge base selector - will allow you to switch between your knowledge bases if you have more than one
  2. Categories tree - for better navigation around your knowledge base
  3. Instantly copy link to the current category to the clipboard, you can send it immediately to users or your colleagues
  4. Open selected category in the production knowledge base
  5. Add a new article to knowledge base
  6. Instant search around your knowledge base
  7. Copy link to the corresponding article into clipboard
  8. Ordering of articles - you can click and drag article into a new position within the same category, articles displayed in the exactly same order on the production knowledge base

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Article preview page functionality

  1. Return to the main dashboard button
  2. Article preview
  3. Edit article button
  4. You can mark article as draft to hide it from your users or publish it if article already in the draft status
  5. Use this button to add translations to your article
  6. Open article in a production knowledge base
  7. Copy link to the article into clipboard
  8. Delete article
  9. Print article
  10. Add tags to the article
  11. Article details panel, you can see date of creation, date when article has been updated, views statistics and other parameters related to the article.

Other improvements coming soon

We constantly working on agent interface improvements.

New features coming soon at this moment we considering about following ones.

  • Improved search
  • Ability to add and set order of categories
  • Near to ideal matching of article view in the agent preview and production knowledge base

We are always welcome feedback from our customers and ideas about future improvements.

You can leave your suggestions here

Sergey Stukov
Co-founder at UserEcho, Enterpreneur, Django/Python expert.