G2 Crowd Awards UserEcho High Performer & Best Estimated ROI for Summer 2020

created 3 months ago

UserEcho received High Performer award and Best Estimated ROI product in Help Desk category.

Now your UserEcho project is closer to you from the start

created 4 months ago

An important factor for you and your customers is the physical location of servers where your site and associated systems are located. We are taking a step towards simplifying the choice of where your UserEcho project is located.

Chat as important channel to support your customers

created 5 months ago

If you care about your customers and want to give them an opportunity to immediately contact your support team, then you can't work without online chat!

UserEcho + Zapier - integrate applications you use every day

created 5 months ago

Despite the fact that we have had integration with Zapier for a long time not all our customers are aware of it and know opportunities that this integration provides. Most recently we've audited and updated the integration. So, we would like to tell you a little more about it.

UserEcho launches integration with Discord

created 6 months ago

We have added UserEcho integration with Discord - the modern voice & text chat app

Facebook support on UserEcho

created 11 months ago

Associate your Facebook company pages with your helpdesk to manage all queries coming in from there along with your support tickets.

UserEcho provides a smart way to customize your portal and images on it

created 12 months ago

UserEcho provides a smart way to customize your portal and images on it. You can upload your own image or select vector icon from a huge icon library.

UserEcho gives you best in class support portal customization

created 1 year ago

We completely updated our customization features. With new ones in UserEcho, you can give your customers a support experience that looks and feels like an extension of your website.

EchoShield spam protection system

created 1 year ago

Most robust spam prevention for UserEcho customers completely upgraded.

Added the ability to view customer satisfaction scores by support agent

created 1 year ago

UserEcho improved customer satisfaction reporting system - CSAT

Agent's interface in mobile mode has been improved

created 4 years ago

We've significantly improved the Agent's interface (topic's review) in the mobile mode. We've separated the topic list view and topic view on two screens.

New integrations added

created 3 years ago

We have added new integrations with "Microsoft teams" and "T-Metric"